It’s Like Christmas In June!

I’ve been a bit depressed lately because of Mr. Swirly and all, so I thought a little Retail Therapy couldn’t hurt.

Tracking was set up to text me during all phases of shipment, so I knew the packages from last Friday were arriving today.  I always make sure the Office Mate knows just in case I am out (I was today).  My iPhone dinged at me on my way back to the office from an offsite meeting.

Yay, presents!

I do know the UPS driver by name.  “What can brown do for me?” Make me do a happy dance, that’s what!


I don’t know anyone who gets more excited about the UPS truck driving up than I do.

Bag ‘o shit to take home

Unfortunately, the LP dress was slightly too short when I got home and tried it on.  By “slightly,” I mean I could lean over and everyone would see my girly bits.  Taking it back tomorrow.  Sad, too, because it’s the striped nautical dress on top of the stuff in the bag ‘o shit, and I just know the non-BF would have said,Hey, sailor! when he saw me in it.

I still got a small slice of happiness from opening the box, though

Four dresses (not counting the girly-bits-showing-dress that I am taking back tomorrow), one pair of cotton/linen pants and a lightweight summer cardigan.  $284.  Some kind of Magical Online Shopping Discount Fairy showed up at checkout and gave me 40% off, totally unexpected.

So I drive home and stop off at the parents’ house on the way home to get their mail.  I pull into my driveway afterward and see this huge box on my front porch.  I wasn’t expecting any more deliveries and I always send my shipments to the office in case some hooligan decides to take off with my purchases before I can get home.

Did I drunk-shop again this weekend?  WTF?

Oh boy!!

Several months ago, the non-BF signed me up for Wine Of The Month Club so I could get 5,000 miles on an airline we use.  He’s pretty nice like that.  He calls them my “rations.”

“Just three shipments, and you’ll get your miles and then I can stop it.”

Um, this is the fourth or fifth one, and normally I only score six bottles.

TWELVE BOTTLES.  Count ’em, baby.  Count. Them.

This should last me through the weekend. Heh!

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  1. 12 bottles and a naughty bit dress? Maybe you should tell Non BF thank you by wearing the dress holy crap!

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