Be Kind, Please Rewind!

Sunday night sucks – it’s the end of the week, or beginning of the next one – either way, it’s pretty damned disappointing!  So have a cocktail on me and get ready for Monday, because that bitch rears her ugly head in about seven hours!

Things I Did Not Do This Past Week:

  • Successfully quit smoking
  • Start working out (my right foot sorta hurt)
  • Read for pleasure (it’s a goal of mine each week but my brain is dead from all the work-related reading I do, I never seem to accomplish this goal)
  • Stop cursing
  • Stop drinking wine (what with the Wine Belly issue I have, you would think I’d at least make an effort)
  • Achieve inner peace
  • Adopt a baby goat
  • Paint my nails
  • Repaint my bedroom
  • Write a best-selling novel

Things I Did Do This Week:

  • Attended a family dinner and did not provoke a confrontation (although I was tempted)
  • Refrained from making fun of my older brother (although I was tempted)
  • Made it through at least three days without crying over Buzzy
  • Bought a Jesus ashtray
  • (No, I really didn’t do that)
  • Managed to keep the number of f-bombs I dropped into polite conversation at a minimum (and by minimum, I mean I only said the word “fuck” about 20 times, and I think 60% of those were in the past two days)
  • Organized my nail polish by color
  • Baked a cake

I’m looking at the above two lists and I’ve determined:  Good luck with this upcoming week, all.  Alcohol helps.

One response

  1. Well I have to say your accomplished list was pretty impressive lol. As for the quit smoking and drinking wine… I feel for you. That is a heck of a goal you have going on there. I wish you the best. (Yes I do smoke. 🙂

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