I Am pHresh Enough, Thank You Very Much!

This ad just popped up on Facebook:

Doesn’t everyone?

Speaking of advertisements, the stupid ones (because hey, anyone who has a dog that they consider part of their family talks to it, DUH!), if I wake up at 2 a.m. one more time and try to fall asleep watching Law & Order reruns, and see this commercial 5 times in one sitting, I may have to shove sharp sticks into my eye sockets:

They left out a few more uses:

“During breaks on the porn set…RepHresh!”

“After turning a trick…RepHresh!”

“In between two consecutive dates…RepHresh!”

“After a herpes outbreak…RepHresh!”

That second woman, the curly-haired brunette, well she looked a little naughty if you ask me.  I’m thinking she really wanted to substitute my second alternative option above, but the director shot down her offer of artistic license.  “No ad-libbing, bitch!”

2 responses

  1. I”m just glad I’m not the only one that tries to make themselves sleep by watching Law & Order Reruns. That’s what they’re for right?

  2. That, and driving the non-BF crazy. I like to watch the marathons on USA and TNT on the weekends. HOURS of Law & Order. “Didn’t we just see this one last night?” Heh.

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