Day Three Of No Nicotine And I Still Haven’t Killed Anyone…Yet

I’m doing quite well, actually. Excellent planning on my part – if I “need” a cigarette, I do a shot.  Which is why I can’t remember most of yesterday.

(Kidding, kidding, I remember.  And I have photos AND a DVD of the whole thing as a back-up plan.  Obviously, NO, I did not jump.  The helicopter was enclosed.)

I do have this childish need for validation from the non-BF about the whole quitting-smoking-thing.  It took me seven times asking him yesterday, “Aren’t you proud of me???” before he finally answered with a sigh, “Yes, I am proud of you.”

I’m just smiling all Chesire-catty-like, about to say, “Good, now buy me a baby goat,” and he says, “But you’ll cave tonight.”

Oh. NO.

That was a challenge.  Don’t tell me I can’t do something because it just makes me want to prove you wrong.  Especially, YOU, non-BF.

“It really wasn’t a challenge,” says the non-BF, who needs to stop fucking READING OVER MY SHOULDER! “I’m just going on your track record.”

What is he thinking, pushing that shit while I’m in the worst day of withdrawal???

How do I know Day Three is the worst?  I’ve quit at least 19 times already.  Here are the stats:

  • Made it six months – 2 times
  • Made it one – three days – 17 times or so, I lost count

Okay, so those 17 times or so do not count.  I’m totally going with “third time’s the charm” on this attempt.

And I really, really need to end this post because all this stupid cigarette smack talk is making me want to go hunt some down.  Cigarettes, not people.  Just wanted to clarify that.

I can do it, I can do it.

(But really, people, who the hell quits smoking on VACATION?)

6 responses

  1. You can do it! I know it’s tough because I’ve tried and tried but you are tough. If you can do it maybe I can too. 🙂 Keep it up woman!

  2. Freddie Schuhmacher | Reply

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  3. I was just addicted because I thought it made me look cooler 😉

  4. OOoo… day three. Fuck day three. Day three usually ends with Boyfriend and/or other members of my family BEGGING me to have a cigarette. Way to be supportive, asswipes.
    Seriously though, good luck. This is probably the hardest thing you’ll ever have to do (unless you one day develop a nasty heroin habit. Rumor has it, it’s hard quitting that shit, too. For the love of chocolate baby jesus, don’t start using heroin).

  5. Ha! I promise I won’t!

  6. i’m trying to understand more about this subject, can you explain it clearer?

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