By The Way, I NEED A Baby Goat

Yeah, I am SO not leaving this alone.  The non-BF promised me one.

I kinda need help with the name.

4 responses

  1. My mother owned two pygmy goats, and she got rid of them. Word from the wise: They are annoying as fuck. They get attached to you and bleet every time you walk away. For hours. Begging you to come back. They kill everything in their enclosure, either by eating it, scratching it to death with their horns, or pooping all over it. Also, like dogs, they like to jump on you. And hooves covered in poop on pants do not mix. I’m telling you, unless you want goats milk or need plants to die, choose your pets wisely! >_<

  2. Seriously? Thank you for this. The non-BF is off the hook now 🙂 I can’t have anything that will mess with my dogs!

  3. Boy or girl? What color? You can’t just throw that out without more detail! haha

  4. I really wanted a baby boy goat but now I have some hesitation. Reddish brown 🙂

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