Sometimes I Doubt Your Commitment To Sparkle Motion

One day, back in 2002 or 03, I woke up and went to my den (where my only-TV-at-the-time resided) and turned on my television.  I had all the movie channels back then (and never, ever really watched any of them, which is exactly why I don’t have them anymore.  But anyway.).  I wasn’t in any real hurry to go to work, so I surfed the channels with my Clicker.

[I have ALWAYS called my remotes “Clickers.”  I will NEVER NOT call them a Clicker.  Strange pet peeve of mine, but I hate the word “remote.”  It sounds so insincere and, well, remote.  They are Clickers.  Don’t argue with me on this one.]

Okay, so I am breezing through the channels and I stumble across a movie that is just starting.  Note that I said I wasn’t in a real hurry to go to work.  So I begin to watch.

“I’m voting for Dukakis.”  (Amy, I know you still LOVE this line!!)

The whole sitting-around-the-table-for-a-family-dinner-even-though-it-was-pizza-and-greasy-ass-pizza-at-that scene totally captured my attention.  That could have been ME at age 16 or 18 or whatever the hell age Maggie Gyllenhall was in this movie!

Except I didn’t get into Harvard.  I barely made it into the local commuter-state-school.  Not for lack of intelligence, I just didn’t care for homework in high school. Plus I had the flu when I took my SATs.  And my desk broke while taking it.  I have plenty of excuses.

When I first started blogging back in 2004, I joined some kind of blog network that I don’t even think exists anymore, or else has been replaced.  It was a network of bloggers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  In that group, I met two fellow bloggers whom I love dearly (one sorta blogs now, one doesn’t), and they became my good friends.

It really all started with Donnie Darko, though.  I remember a post I wrote entitled “Who The Fuck Is Donnie Darko?” about two weeks before I actually found out.  That was about three weeks before I met up with some of the best bitches I have known in Dallas.  LOVE YOU GIRLS!

7 responses

  1. OMG You totally titled this the best line in the whole movie. As wacked out weird as that movie is, I love it. I watched it when I fell head-over-heals for Jake Gyllenhaal. Have you ever seen the directors cut? One of them has a different ending. Some of the scenes are different for sure. I tell people to watch it all the time, but they just look at me funny when I try to explain what it’s about lol

  2. Those “other people” don’t UNDERSTAND. That movie was, hands-down, one of my all-time favorites. I need to watch it again. Tonight. About four or five times.

  3. Will you still be working at the Yarn Barn?

  4. I was going to tell you that you can go suck a fuck but I’m in a generous mood. Plus, you know you want Spotty 😉

  5. Just wanted to say hi to both of you. I found this earlier and it was refreshing, something that I needed at the moment. N, please do not stop. B, I just hated that table shit at 800 on exposition, but 500x was closed. If the email doesn’t work, fuck it, I’m drunk. Hi hi hi hi hi talking heads swamp, can of worms, booger bears, love you both.


  6. Wow, blast from the past. It’s my blog stalker. How the hell have you been?

  7. Hey. Mad at the world right now, connections are down. Pretty good, headed straight towards the hell of retirement. Took me forever to find this, and if my internet wasn’t so messed up would send you a cover of a Cheever collection. I doubt if this will work, so I will tell the truth. I am mystified by this bitch, but it has dissolved because of her raging about paranoid lunacy. Across the highway from that cedar hill preserve there is this new audubon place. You have to climb up a really difficult way to get to the floor of the walk, and there is a cabin there. Outside are parts of a refrigerator. Inside, I am posting decals. The first one was of the interior of a school bus. In front of me now is another decal, which is a picture of the cabin from the outside. I will apply it to the inside in the next week. Hope this works, fondue.

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