Definitely A First World Problem

To buy or not to buy…

I spent 90 minutes this morning on my Shopping Spreadsheet.  That’s one and one half hours I could have spent:

  • Working out to try and rid myself of the Booze Belly
  • Meditating
  • Taking the trash out (shit! the garbage truck is here! shit shit shit!) and folding clothes
  • Learning Spanish (¿Dónde está el cuarto de baño, por favor? ¿Podría conseguir alguna ginebra?)
  • Discovering that thinks “gin” is a city in Switzerland – and that the website is smoking some serious crack
  • Composing a witty retort to the two vitriolic Facebook emails I got yesterday when I stated I wasn’t against gays marrying
  • Deciding I didn’t really give a shit what narrow-minded, judgmental people say (or in this case, write) to me – but then what would I do with the other 89 minutes?
  • Writing a best-selling novel
  • Thanking the baby Jesus that my parents taught me it was okay to think for myself
  • Googling “naked Adam Levine”
  • Pinning recipes I’ll never, ever make
  • Wishing I was taller…and blonder

Anyway, after spending all that time on my shopping spreadsheet, it’s down to this:  The Michael Kors bag and flats, or the 4 pairs of jeans (two are cords, really fun prints), 3 cardigans and the animal print cami.

Soooo…you tell me:  Bag/shoes or clothes?  Clothes or bag/shoes?  All of it?  None of it?  It’s such a dilemma.

Hell, I’ll just buy some booze and then I won’t care one way or another.

2 responses

  1. Oh I say buy it all. If you found stuff you really like you should own it. I never find stuff I want to own all at once. 🙂

  2. Is it wrong that I had “the baby Jesus” and “naked Adam Levine” in the same blog post?

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