“You had a bad day…”

Heard that song on Pandora yesterday and apparently, it was foretelling.  The following was my day.  And it isn’t over yet.


It was cool early this morning, so I was walking up and down the street while I was talking to the non-BF on the phone.  Saw a neighbor’s dogs out in their backyard and without even thinking, I went up to the fence and stuck my hand over to pet them.  The alpha bitch totally bit my ring finger, broke the skin and bruised it.  Now I have done enough dog rescue to know that it is really STUPID to do such a thing, but I just wasn’t thinking.  Talked to the owner later and was assured that they were all up to date on their shots – said that because of the breed, he had all the paperwork, etc.  I’m quite sure he thought I was going to sue him.  Nope, I just apologized for my utter stupidity and went home.  What kind of fucking idiot goes up to a barking dog in its own backyard and tries to pet it?  Me, that’s who.

I can’t help it.  I love dogs and I really love Pitties.  Did the same thing several years ago to my neighbor’s Dachshund and still have the scar to prove it.  Fucking dumbass.


Had to break up three dog fights in under an hour later this morning.  Mr. Tail was visiting and Blindie kept picking fights with him when he tried to get next to the foster kitty’s crate.  Blindie “guards” the kitty by sitting in front of the crate and snapping at anyone who comes near, including me.

By the way, that “spider bite”?  Not only is it not lethal, it isn’t a spider bite.  The foster cat has ringworm.  Now so do I.  No good deed goes unpunished.  At least I can color coordinate the monkey bandages with my outfits next week.  Always look on the bright side of life, right?


I Can’t Make This Shit Up!


By the way, don’t use Lysol on your skin if you are worried about something spreading.  Anti-bacterial soap is enough.  My skin is itching so badly now, I’m like that bitch in the ABC After School Special who took those drugs, started screaming “The worms! They are under my skin!” and leapt out of a second story window.  That shit really dries out your skin!  I cannot find any body lotion, so I’m using a tiny pot of $25 lip balm to salvage my arm skin.  Fuck.


Ran an errand in a dicey part of DFW and got laughed at by what I can only assume was a cheap hooker and her “date.”  Bitch, please!  I was sporting a super cute ocean blue sundress with matching Coach cork platforms, my dog bite and my monkey bandages on my chest.  She had electric blue eyeshadow from fake lashes to brow, day-glow tennis shoes and stretch pants in an off-black snakeskin print that barely covered her huge ass.  She and her “date” were buying vodka and a jug of orange juice.  They took off in a Mercedes and I thought to myself, “If the car is a rocking, don’t come a knocking.”  Classy.


I’m toally going to bed before anything else goes wrong!

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  1. It was hot and humid (gross…slimy) at Renaissance Festival last weekend. A long-time-veteran of hot weather out there went down with heat exhaustion in the afternoon.

    Even the best of us who know better do stupid shit sometimes. 🙂 On the other hand: Yay pitties! 🙂

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