“Wednesday Girl Waits With The Wine”

“She knows just what to say.  While no one’s listening…”

The non-BF seems to think I am stuck in the 80s.  I do occasionally make references to things that happened in the last ten years.


I should never, ever go shopping when I am “feeling FAT.”  I’ll buy something four sizes too large just because I had too much to eat at lunch.  Case in point:  In Hawaii, I bought this cool bamboo shirt (yes, bamboo) and I really liked it.  However, I bought it in a size a bit too large.  Me:  That girl checking us out thinks I’m fat because I bought a XXL in this shirt.  The non-BF:  NO, that girl checking us out thinks you’re psychotic because you bought a XXL, AND because you are talking about her like she isn’t there.

This is why the non-BF refuses to go shopping with me anymore.  This, and because I tend to sweep through shops like I’ve won a five minute shopping spree.  He always has to hold the bags.

P.S. The bamboo shirt could alternate as a mini-dress.  I must have been slightly tipsy when I bought it.


Just found out that the non-BF solicited musical suggestions from my dear Bunny for some event at work.  Me:  Why didn’t you ask ME to help?  The non-BF:  Because I didn’t want a playlist consisting entirely of Duran Duran and Stone Temple Pilots.  Me:  Like that would be so awful?

Who wouldn’t like a little Simon Le Bon and Scottie in their daily diet?


I am trying the Tanqueray & Vomit slushee tonight.  Wish me luck!

4 responses

  1. In you I have found my soulmate. I puffy heart Simon LeBon and am a die hard Duranie. That’s right, I’ve admitted it.


  2. Happy Yom Kippur.

  3. I have had the Tanqueray and Vomit slushee. I prefer the Hypno and Upchuck slushee, myself, but to each her own. Clink!

  4. @Teri – too bad you don’t live closer to me!
    @9 – I’m not Jewish but thank you
    @Marie – Cheers, honey! XO

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