About this bitch

I wrote a blog for three years that I took down one night after too many vodka shots.  Immediate regret was followed by a slew of emails asking me, “WTF?” “WTH?” and “WTHH?”  “What the holy hell?” is my personal favorite.  I didn’t realize how much I’d miss blogging.

Fear, it’s an ugly thing.  Fear of exposure, fear of co-workers or worse, bosses finding it.  Fear that I was getting writer’s block.  Et cetera.  Now I know it was timing, since the six years that followed were so busy (sick dogs, working nights and weekends) and I needed a break. Well, that, and I started playing WoW at night, and killing dragons and imps sort of took over.  (P.S. You really can’t raid when you have a needy dog who somehow knows when you just entered a dungeon and are at the first boss.)  Eventually, like last year, I got tired of WoW.  I wasn’t working nights and weekends.  Then Mr. Swirly died in June 2012 and I had no idea what the fuck to do with my spare time.

Off and on over the past six years, I tried starting a few other blogs, only to get bored with them, and quickly.  Turns out I was writing what I thought I should write, not what I needed to write to get the voices outside of my head and in here, where I can deal with them more effectively.  Nope, I don’t have multiple personality disorder (at least, I haven’t been diagnosed with it yet, but some believe that is debatable).  I’m talking about all the crazy shit going on in my head.

I finally decided that I’d bring back the old non-girlfriend because I had so much fun with it before.  About 80% of this shit is made up, 15% an exaggeration and 5% true.  I won’t spoil it for you –  will let you guess which is which. [On the rare occasion that I say something NICE about the non-BF, it’s definitely in the 5% true category.  Just so you know.  P.S. He made me write that.]

I hope you enjoy my blog.  If you do not, don’t tell me.  As I told a friend the other day, I like living in denial.

Ranting and shamelessly self-promoting since 2004.  Okay, so I took a break for a while, but the bitch is back!

5 responses

  1. Write for those of us who have no life. hahahaha

  2. you write your posts with so much whimsy that is very nice reading them. lista de email lista de email lista de email lista de email lista de email

    1. I’m fucking whimsical, all right!

  3. […] non-girlfriend it's more fun this way! About this bitch […]

  4. Thank you very much for putting me on your blogroll. Your readers are clicking through to my site. Now, keep skanking it up!

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