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Favorite Fridays

Not to be confused with #FF, even though I really need to start doing that.  Does it count that I do it in here?

Each Friday (well, each Friday I can remember to do so), I am going to link to a few blog posts I really love.  They may be new or from the archives.  But these are the ones that either really got to me (in a good, emotional way), made me laugh so hard I pissed my pants or made me stop and think.

For my Favorite Friday, I give you:

“Mayor Gia’s Ark Story”

No one taught me this shit in Sunday school!  Where were you during my formative years, Mayor Gia?

Smell My Paw’s “Kitty DrunkDrunk Wonders Why She Keeps Dreaming Of Cheese

I’m grooming Wormy Kitty to be just like KDD.

The Bloggess’ And That’s Why You Should Learn To Pick Your Battles”

A fucking classic!

P.S. You were great on Katie!  But what was up with the photo on the screen behind the first guest about 22 minutes in?  It looked like a picture of a bunch of shiny red vaginas.

The Management’s “Lies I Have Recently Told My Mother”

Especially numbers 3, 6 and 9.

Crazy World’s “It’s My Big 40th Today”

Happy belated and I’m so sorry about your eyes!

Thoughts From Paris’ The Plain Yogurt Disaster”

Because plain yogurt does taste like death.

Happy Friday, All!